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Get six original best-selling sci-fi/fantasy gender transformation stories and save big time! These are the initial stories that first launched TG World! Read the ebooks that started it all!

The Other Sex Collection includes:

The Other Sex

Change your history to born as a girl, jump into a gender-switching magic lake, be transformed on a spaceship in the distant future, let a mad scientist have his way with you, be possessed and reincarnated by a female ghost, and find a new career as a dancer at an exclusive magical club.


The Other Sex - TG World Starter Collection
A demigod teaching a boy a lesson. Campers swimming in a mysterious magical lake. An interstellar journey. A mad scientist with a twisted pleasure. A ghost girl who'll do anything to live again. And an exclusive gentlemen's club with magically-enhanced girls.

Enjoy the SIX (6) ORIGINAL best-selling stories that helped launch TG World! These are the first stories we ever published -- and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Includes: A Girl's Life, Secrets at Mystic Lake, Voyager 7, The Intern, Come Into My Dreams, and The Coconut Club. Save 40% off today at this discounted bundle price!

Retail value (sold separately): $22.94
Bundle Savings: 40% OFF (-$9.18)
Price: $13.76

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There's many styles, types, and subgenres of transgender stories out there.

We specialize in stories that build up to and climax at someone's complete and total physical transformation into a beautiful girl -- with a lot of magic, high-tech, and/or supernatural fun (not to mention great sex) along the way.

And while our stories include sex, nudity, and other adult content, this isn't porn. We're erotic fiction. We focus on story and character -- but we also want to please you, tease you, really satisfy you, and keep you "coming" back for more. Rawr. Oh behave.

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