You're forming breasts now.

Use magic spells, potions, amulets, mysterious artifacts, and other magical methods to transform from male to female. Warning: don’t blame us if magic leaks out of any of these stories and actually transforms you in real life. Magic, as you know, is sometimes a little hard to control… But maybe you wouldn’t mind if it actually did. Come to think of it, you’d actually look cute as a girl.


Silver Lake Academy
Michael's interview at the elite girls' boarding school Silver Lake Academy seems to be going well. But then he sees the headmistress' eyes start to glow a bright beautiful blue -- and he wakes up to find himself transformed into a girl. Now suddenly thirteen years earlier and thirteen years younger, "Jennifer" must begin her new life as a student, not a teacher, here at this school -- and before she can change things back to normal, she finds it hard to resist the seduction and hypnotism of Silver Lake Academy's girl-empowered cult.
Price: $4.99
Ideal Lovers: The TG Game Show
Two best friends compete in a major broadcast game show, using magic while trying to out-wit each other, hoping to turn the other into his ideal girlfriend forever.
Price: $4.99
The Tantra Club
David's been having a little trouble performing in the bedroom, so he signs up for an exclusive -- and magical -- tantra club to help him become a better man. But after the instructor invites him to some private tutoring, he unwittingly volunteers to be magically transformed into a woman -- only to find out she may be much better in bed that way.
Price: $4.99
Just Business
Two male executives at a major film studio are up for promotion to become the next CEO. To eliminate his competition, one exec hires a mysterious woman to magically transform his rival into a beautiful girl that he can easily control.
Price: $4.99
Twist of Fate (Screenplay)
Everything seems to be working out for Alan. He's doing well in all his classes at the University of Magic and Mysticism. He's got a beautiful and sweet girlfriend. And a promising future ahead of him. But his jealous roommate may change all that with one little spell.
Price: $2.99
Secrets at Echowood College
A private college tucked away in seclusion has been researching mysterious orbs with supernatural powers -- and everything begins to unravel when a student accidentally stumbles upon one of them and takes it for herself. Students begin transforming, and the future fate of the world begins changing, unless a secret time-traveler from the future can stop it all before it happens.
Price: $5.99
The Coconut Club
Kevin moves to Hawaii in desperate need of money. He takes a job at an exclusive gentleman's club that features the most beautiful women in the world. The girls use magical items to transform themselves into each client's unique fantasy -- but when extreme circumstances force Kevin to use the same magical items, he ends up with a whole new life experience.
Price: $3.99
Secrets at Mystic Lake
A camping trip deep in the wilderness forever changes the lives of five close friends. Mystic Lake, a mysterious place imbued with supernatural power, transforms all who enter into the opposite sex ... and fills them with overwhelming sexual desire to accept and embrace their new identities.
Price: $3.99


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